Our Story

The World of Pickleball started out as a very small paddle selling company, going from recreation centre to recreation centre, court to court, selling and testing out new paddles and balls. We first started because it was a fun project to work on, and a way to get pickleball products into everyone’s hands who were willing to try and learn. It quickly became very popular as our demand spiked forcing our development team to get the wheels turning! We started researching higher quality materials and equipment that would ensure top of the market quality. We’ve had over 10 different models through the years and hit many walls in the effort to keep up and compete. We believe we have found the perfect ratio within a paddle. After lots of help and insight from the community, we have hit our stride with the current models being the forefront of the company. It seems that failure was the best lesson for us because we now have a product that can rival even the top line Pickleball companies and we are not afraid to show the world!