Utopia Model X - The World of Pickleball

Utopia Model X

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Glass fibre + Polymer Core 

With a high tech rough process surface that grips and spins balls. 

Paddle length - 15.74 Inches 

Paddle Width - 7.99 Inches 

Paddle thickness - .74 inches 

Grip Length - 4.92 Inches 

Grip Circumference - 4.33 Inches 

Weight - 7.5 - 8.1 OZ 

This paddle was brought to us from a time traveller, he said the world is in great condition and that there are pickeball courts on every corner of the new world, he said is a 6.0 player that hails from the year 3000 and His words to were as followed " my wife and I are the only 6.0 in the year 3000 and this is the paddle we use, take it and make use of it in the present so we can have competition in the future" 

So now we ask you mighty warriors of the courts, who is worthy of welding the power of the FUTURE ?!?!